The William Vineyard Barossa Valley



Almost a decade ago Bill Calabria, AM and patriarch of Calabria Family Wines, visited the iconic Barossa Valley and instinctively knew it to be the perfect fit in our family’s winery portfolio expansion.

Today we are the proud custodians of three premium Barossa Valley vineyards including the ‘William Vineyard, which is named after Bill and Lena’s first grandson; William Junior. The vineyard comprises of nine rows of 100 years old Shiraz vines originally planted in 1914 by the Hahn family.

“Someone was working hard in 1914 when they planted these vines, and we’ve done our very best to maintain the integrity of the vines and the fruit they produce. This premium wine represents not only our family’s love and dedication for the craft of winemaking, but also the families before us that worked hard and made sacrifices to develop the vineyard.”

Bill Calabria

• The vineyard sits on the famous ‘Golden Mile’ stretch of the Barossa Valley floor.
• Planted with Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan & Malbec.
• Soil comprises of sandy loam over red clay and limestone.
• Total vineyard property size: 14.37Ha
• Barossa Classification: Centurion Vines 100 year old & Survivor vines 70 years old.