Jeremy Nascimben


When Jeremy was a young boy, he used to spend most weekends following his dad around at work at the old Cranswick winery, which is where his passion for wine was born.“Dad had always worked in the local wine industry as an Engineer, and I used to love following him around the winery. I think mum just needed a break from me to be honest, but I loved going either way!”

Pair that with a love of Chemistry, and Jeremy, like his dad, began his own career path in the wine industry.“My first job when I left school was at a winery, as a cellar hand, whilst I undertook my studies in becoming a winemaker at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga.”

Jeremy has now amassed over a decade of industry experience, together with a degree in winemaking and a degree in viticulture, and has always continually strived to enhance and broaden his winemaking skills, partaking in numerous vintages overseas in New Zealand, France, Canada and Germany, as well as being actively involved on the domestic wine show judging scene.

However far he has travelled though, Jeremy has always had a fond heart for home, “Griffith is, and will always, be home. For over 100 years, both the Barossa Valley and Riverina have been making wine, I think that is something to be proud of. I love the history of both of our regions.”

Nero D’Avola is Jeremy’s favourite wine for any occasion. “Sipping a glass on its own or paired with some medium weighted Italian food such as oxtail sauce and spaghetti, or, artichoke pizza, how can you not love that!”


The Old Cranswick Winery site where Jeremy sparked his love of the wine industry as a child with his dad, is now part of the Calabria Wines portfolio, having purchased the winery site back in 2016.