Calabria Private Bin

Calabria Private Bin


The Calabria Private Bin range has a strong focus on alternative styles that embrace our family’s Italian heritage and passion for winemaking. Capturing the attention of a new generation of wine drinkers the varieties in the Calabria Private Bin range are an expression of the traditional characteristics of the Italian regions they herald from while reflecting the unique Australian growing conditions.

Our winemaking team foster collaboration between winemaker and winegrower with the belief that wines are first and foremost created in the vineyard and with a gentle hand, craft wines that they themselves love to drink.

The award-winning Calabria Private Bin wines, including varietals synonymous with Italy and Riverina grown - think Nero d’Avola, Pinot Bianco and Montepulciano - are the epitome of unpretentious, delicious, food-friendly wines.

Dedicated to the founders of Calabria Family Wines; Francesco and Elisabetta Calabria, we invite you to try our Calabria Private Bin wines and discover for yourself what all the fuss is about.