The Calabria family is strongly committed to supporting a varied network of local, national and international organisations.

To ensure we support the most beneficial partnerships, we have developed a set of strategic guidelines to enable us to determine the most effective platforms for our brand and to achieve maximum support for all involved.

Calabria Family Wines will endeavour to sponsor local community groups, organisations, schools and events that will aim to enrich the community (including industry groups, schools, arts, business, local charities, sporting groups and local events) with a charity or support mission, as Calabria Family Wines has done for over 20 years.

We ask you to read the guidelines below the online form first before applying for a donation. 


I am aware that our organisation will indemnify Calabria Family Wines (including its respective directors, executive members, officers, employees and contractors) against all claims, liabilities, losses (including fines, penalties and set-offs), demands, damages and costs (including legal costs and expenses calculated on a solicitor-client basis) arising from the final agreed sponsorship terms, which will be set out by Calabria Family Wines.


1. Is the sponsorship targeted at a Calabria Family Wines audience

People of legal drinking age that will enjoy the product and the occasion in which it is consumed


2. Does the sponsorship fit with other activities/ imagery we are conducting with the brand? Consider:

  • Media
  • Promotions
  • Other sponsorships
  • Encouraging trial/sampling

3. Does it allow the below benefits?

  • Builds quality associations (enhances Calabria Family Wines image through association)
  • Potentially offer sales opportunities
  • Media coverage

4. At the event, four of the below will need to be facilitated?

  • Wine to be present on the tables
  • All waitstaff wearing Calabria Family Wines branded aprons.
  • Opportunity for the display of stock and point of sale material (i.e. order forms and tripod tasting note on each table, banners)
  • Calabria Family Wines mentioned in the welcome and closing speech
  • On-site sales eg: sampling opportunities
  • One or more ways that we can involve our customers (i.e. liquor stores or chains that sell our products) in your event or program or complimentary tickets
  • Access to a database that reflects one of our target markets. Or three email outs sent on behalf of Calabria Family Wines from your organisation.
  • Opportunity to create a database that we will own – mail member sign ups on the evening.
  • Direct wholesale opportunities – to you and/or affiliated venues;
  • Gaining exclusive pouring rights in a venue or venues where we previously had none (e.g. affiliated clubs to your organisation), or at an event;
  • Certificate outing Calabria Family Wines donation


5. Sponsorship Restrictions
We have a set of sponsorship restrictions that reflect our status as an alcoholic beverages producer and the social responsibility we endeavour to maintain. As such, we do not sponsor:

  • Events primarily intended for those under the age of 18 (i.e. they make up more than 25% of the audience);
  • Events that do not adhere to Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) requirements;
  • Events that include or promote any activities that conflict with our social responsibilities.